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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. A Victims Mother said:

    This is an absolute disgusting display of rape apology.! The offer of this website should be ashamed of themselves for selling the Trumatic experience of countless victims. To call this a victimless crime is to DISMISS entire human being! What you fail to realize is this over 30-year-old woman is an adult and a young 15-year-old boys a child. She took a vantage of her position of authority to take a vantage of this child. You were not there when all of these things occur but the fact remains the same this adult took advantage of this child. She’s in prison where she should belong for as long as she starts her time but after she deserves to register as a sex offender and be monitored for the rest of her life. Shame on whoever made this website. You are disgusting rape apologist.


  2. I certainly do not condone relationships with a minor, but after watching Abigail Simon’s testimony I understand how this can happen. Something similar happened to me. While the abused in my situation was not a minor, I can imagine that if it was, I wouldn’t know that I would do anything differently. I too was controlled and did things against my will out of fear. I went along with it for months just as Abigail did, not because I was in love or lusted for this man, but because he had threatened me and my husband’s life. Yes, I was married. It of course rejoined my marriage. At times I would tell myself that I had to go along to protect my husband’s life. I felt like I loved him enough to endure the abuse of it meant saving his life. I was completely convinced that we were both in danger. Someone looking at photos or texts would not believe that I was being manipulated because when you are fearful you often will go along with things you may not want to just to keep things calm. I see no reason why a 15 year old may not be capable of this kind of control. When I heard Abigail’s testimony I felt some kind of relief that it wasn’t just me. I’m not the only one who’s life had been destroyed in this way. I felt as though no one else could understand how that could happen. In her testimony I heard my own story and would like to express my support to Abigail. Is there any way to send her a letter?


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