Google searches for “Jeffrey Epstein, pedophile,” and “Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile,” resulted in 1.1 million and 1.4 million results. And when reading the titles of dozens of these results, I found only one article that observed, correctly, that Epstein was not a pedophile, and explained why in some detail: “Jeffrey Epstein is a horrifying person, but that doesn’t mean he’s a pedophile,” Katie Herzog, The Stranger, 7-15-2019.

(I submit that calling Epstein and his crimes “horrifying” is just a bit excessive and hyperbolic -compared to the horrors and atrocities of the Carr Brothers and the Knoxville savages, for example, and myriads of other crimes almost no one has ever heard of because of media suppression.)

And I’m certain that nearly all of the “talking heads,” reporters and commentators, hosts and guests, on Fox and CNN and MSNBC, when discussing the Epstein case, referred to him as a “pedophile,” and I doubt that even one of them noted that he was not a pedophile. And so, too, hundreds of other TV programs, news and commentary, newspapers, local and national, and websites, prominent and obscure.

Even John Derbyshire, who once knew better, not long ago, but does no longer, apparently, referred to Epstein as a “pedophile.”

Whatever one thinks of Jeffrey Epstein and his decades of having sex with young women ages 14-17, apparently, he was not a pedophile. To quote /Wikipedia; “Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 or younger.”

And Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield:

….The DSM-TV American Psychiatric Association defines pedophilia in terms of recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children…It is therefore possible for an individual who meets these criteria to have never engaged in illegal sexual behaviors…All mental health professionals…should know this distinction. (“Special Problems with Sexual Abuse Cases,” in Coping with psychiatric and Psychological Testimony, Los Angeles Law and Psychological Press, 1995, p. 1336.)

Politicians, prosecutors, judges, journalists, reporters, commentators, all those with the power and influence, collectively and individually, to manipulate the emotions and shape the opinions of millions or even tens of millions of people, should also know this instead of provoking and misleading the public by defining adults who have sex with biological men and women under age 16 or even 18 as “pedophiles,” whether it’s Jeffrey Epstein or Abigail Simon and Mary Letourneau.

Pedophilia defines sexual desire, not criminal behavior. It’s reasonable to assume that most pedophiles, heterosexual and homosexual, have never raped or molested a prepubescent child. Thus if sexual attraction to young men and women under age 16 or even 18 is “pedophilia,” which is isn’t, then all men, heterosexual and homosexual, are pedophiles, which they are not.

Then all adult men who are attracted to young women under statutory age are “pedophiles,” just like Epstein, even if they’ve never had sex as adults with a young woman under statutory age. If Epstein was a “pedophile” for having sex with young women ages 14-17, then all adult men who desire to have sex with young women under age 18 but don’t have sex with them are “pedophiles,” but only if they’re 4-5 years older than the young women to which they’re sexually attracted, according to CSA victimologists.

Moreover, albeit the U.S. is sui generis in its hysteria over sex between adult men and women and male and female adolescents, as exemplified by the obsession with and hysteria over Epstein and his “pedophile ring” and “island/kingdom,” the generic age of consent is 16 in most jurisdictions. (Thus many or at least some of his sex-acts with girls of 16 and 17 were legal acts.) And the age of consent is 14 or 15 in dozens of other nations, including European countries.

If adult men and women having sex with young men and women ages 16 and 17 is pedophilia, but only if the adults are at least 4-5 years older than their de jure “victims,” then pedophiliac sex is legal in most states if the adult is not in a position of authority over their “victims.” And if sex between adults and young men and women ages 14 and 15 is “pedophilia,” then pedophiliac sex is legal in many other countries.

A pedophile is a man (including “older adolescents,” as noted by with a sexual fixation on and obsession with prepubescent girls or boys. Even if women have sexual contact with prepubescent children, they aren’t necessarily pedophiles. In fact, it’s debatable if a woman can even be a pedophile under the APA definition, certainly not in the sense and to the degree that males are pedophiles, for the same reason that few if any women are fetishists, and certainly not in the male sense. To quote Ernest Becker:

This brings up the longstanding problem of why so few females are fetishists, a problem that has been solved by Greenacre and Boss. Their point is that the male, in order to fulfill his species role, has to perform the sexual act. For this he needs secure self-powers and also cues to arouse and channelize his desires. In this sense, the male is naturally and inevitably a fetishist of some kind and degree…The female does not have this problem because her role is passive…(The Denial of Death, p. 243.) Put differently, and simply, men have penises and women vaginas.

Albeit not a pedophile, Epstein was obviously a strange and profoundly disturbed man -not so much because he had sex with dozens of young women ages 14-17 but because, after he was arrested, prosecuted, convicted under a plea-bargain, and sentenced to 13 months in jail with work-release privileges, he continued to have sex with young women under statutory age, knowing that is was ineluctable, a virtual 100% certainty, that he’d be arrested and prosecuted again.

And this time, also ineluctably, the prosecutors would not have offered him so indulgent a plea-bargain and he would have pled “not guilty” and gone to trial and almost surely been convicted of who knows how many felonies. And as a repeat offender, his sentence would have been so harsh and long that he would have died in prison even if he lived into his 80s, assuming he wasn’t murdered, well before he turned 70, strangled or beaten to death as are many sex offenders, especially those convicted, innocent or guilty, of crimes against children, including teenagers.

And that’s what occurred, probably, strangled to death by another inmate with the collusion, active or passive, of the guards, shortly after he was incarcerated, assuming he didn’t commit suicide. Such outrages are a prison tradition, preventable but condoned and often facilitated and encouraged by the authorities. Men convicted of sex crimes against children and adolescents, innocent or guilty, are the most hated of all inmates and by far the most likely to be murdered.

(“No woman convicted of a sex crime has ever been killed, but they’ve been beaten, usually under the guise of another dispute,” to quote an article in NASOL, 8-13-2019. So the chances of Abigail and similar women being murdered in prison are remote since no woman convicted of a sex crime against children or teenagers has ever been murdered in jail or prison, though it’s not impossible, but not so with their being assaulted, perhaps brutally and viciously and resulting in serious injuries. And Abigail is the most infamous, and probably the most despised, of all 2000-plus inmates, and thus more likely to be assaulted than most of the other inmates in security level II.)

In stark contrast, there has never been and will never be a female Jeffrey Epstein. Not only has no women ever had sex with dozens or likely even a few young men under age 16 or 18 -but also, unlike Epstein, it’s likely that not one woman sentenced to jail or prison for having sex with a young man under statutory age has re-offended by having sex with another young man under statutory age. If so, their recidivism rate is ZERO, as noted previously.

Ominously, despite such realities, what frightens and disturbs me the most about the obsession with and hysteria over Epstein and his excoriation and vilification as a “pedophile” is that it will surely confirm and justify and probably intensify the obsession with and hysteria over adult women and especially teachers having sex with biological men under statutory age and their excoriation and vilification as “rapists” and “pedophiles” and the resultant draconian/Orwellian punishments.

Currently, in the MSM, Epstein has superseded Mary Letourneau as the most infamous and opprobrious sex criminal. But how long with that last, for prior to Epstein and after the obsession with and mass hysteria over the “priestly pedophilia crisis,” which was the first time that adult were defined, falsely, as “pedophiles” for having sex with pubescent teenagers, the media and culture was far more obsessed with and hysterical over women teachers having sex with male students than with male teachers and other adult men, including violent and/or recidivist criminals, having sex with underage adolescent girls. And Mary was the symbol and avatar of that obsession and mass hysteria, as was Abigail Simon, to a lesser degree, almost 20 years later.

Because of Epstein, I fear, adult women and especially teachers who have sex with young men under statutory age (and it’s now a felony in most states for teachers to have sex with 18-year-old students) will be more rather than less likely to receive hideously draconian/Orwellian sentences. There will be more rather than fewer Abigails, Kathryn Ronks, Cassandra Sorenson-Grohalls, Shannon Schmeiders, Michelle Taylors, Melissa Bittners, Brittany Zamoras, etc.