Mary Letourneau, Pamela Rogers, Cassandra Soorenson-Grohall, Melissa Bittner, Abigail Simon, Kathryn Ronk Shannon Schmeider, Michelle Taylor, and who knows how many others of whom I’m unaware, prosecutions almost or just as or even more insane, execrable, appalling, grotesque, sentences almost or just as or even more iniquitous,  irrational, gratuitous, draconian, Orwellian.

And now Brittany Zamora, a former Arizona teacher, a nonviolent first-offender in her 20s who was recently married, was just sentenced to 20-years in prison, under a pleas-bargain, for having sex with a 13-year male student. And she must serve the full sentence; there’s no parole or release for “good behavior,” or to alleviate the problems and miseries of hellish overcrowding, after 5 or 10 or even 15 years.

She should have murdered someone. If so, especially if convicted of second- or third-degree murder, she’d serve less time in prison, almost surely, if not far less time, most likely; and she wouldn’t have to register for life as a uniquely deviant and dangerous criminal with her mugshot, name, and address on the internet for all to see and all that that entails in regard to danger and mortification.

20-years in prison and then 30 or 40 or 50 years of quasi-totalitarian persecution, if she dies in her 70’s or 80’s or 90’s, for a woman and newlywed who never committed a violent felony in her life and never will and is not a “threat to society” or to anyone  nor even a “danger to re-offend” by having sex with another biological man under statutory age.