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Interviewed by The Nation, sympathetically and compassionately, Willie repined:

The fact is, my name isn’t “Willie.” It’s part of the myth of the case. The name irks me. It was created to play on racial stereotypes -big, ugly, dumb, violent, black- “Willie,” I resent that. They created a fictional character -who seemed believable, but who did not exist. They stripped me of my identity, distorted the facts, and robbed me of my constitutional rights.”

Yes, I’m sure no one has ever called him “Willie” -not his friends and classmates when he was a child and adolescent, nor his relatives, nor his acquaintances, including his criminal accomplices and fellow jail and prison inmates. I’m sure all address and have addressed him as “William” and usually as Mr. William R. Horton or Sir William R. Horton. The only times and places he’s ever been addressed as William Horton or Mister Horton and so forth is in court during his trials, pretrial hearings,and at sentencing, and in appeals and court documents, and on the news and in articles and interviews.

And, no, he’s not “big, ugly, dumb, violent,” nor even “black.” He’s tiny and frail, stunningly handsome, extremely intelligent, utterly non-violent, supremely civilized, and he’s  not even black or “African-American,” apparently, despite his appearance. And he didn’t stab a gas-station attendant 19 times during a robbery and then stuff his body in a garbage can where he bled to death. And when on furlough, in June of 1986, he didn’t fail to return to prison but fled to Maryland where, in April 1987, he “twice raped a woman after pistol-whipping, knifing, binding, and gagging her fiance,” torturing him for 7 hours, and then stole his car until he was shot and captured and sentenced to prison for life with no chance for parole and no furloughs. None of this happened, nor did any of the other violent and mala in se felonies and misdemeanors he surely committed, dozens I’m sure for which he wasn’t imprisoned, jailed, convicted, or even arrested and prosecuted, beginning at age 14 or 15 or even 13 or 12. All this is a “myth,” pure fiction, a distortion of the facts and his true identity and character.

He’s not only a low-IQ brute, savage, monster, and degenerate -he’s also a liar, as blatant as he’s shameless, and/or a psychotic, as are most black criminals. And the Nation treated him with dignity and respect and gave him a chance to lie about his crimes and whine about the denial of his “constitutional rights,” whatever that means exactly. He was also interviewed, no doubt credulously and sympathetically, in Playboy. And, obviously, the leftists at The Nation edited the interview to make this savage and monster appear intelligent, articulate, sympathetic, etc., and put “words in his mouth” so to speak. Did they actually believe all or any of his lies and actually believe he was completely innocent, of any or all of his crimes, a “fictional” monster created by Republicans to win a presidential election. The media turned him into a celebrity, and a victim of “racism” and “stereotypes,” worthy of compassion.

In contrast, the portrayal of Abigail by the media and criminal justice system -her vilification as a “rapist” and “pedophile” and “child molester,” a “predator” and monster who is a “threat to society” and to all the children of Michigan, so dangerous that she must be enslaved for 8-years, at least, and then subjected to a life-sentence of electronic parole-monitoring with an ankle-tether and public registration as a uniquely dangerous and degenerate criminal, and the depiction of the young man who consented to or initiated sex with her and might have forced himself on her as a “victim” of CSA and “sexual assault” who’s “traumatized” and “scarred for life- all this is pure fiction.