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“Grooming” in the United Kingdom: for decades, in Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, and other UK cities, Pakistani Muslim predators, savages, and monsters have abducted, enslaved, drugged, raped, gang-raped, forced into prostitution, tortured, brutalized, and terrorized myriads of poor and working-class English girls, overwhelming adolescents but also prepubescent girls, some as young as 10 and 11. The police knew about these atrocities but did nothing lest they be vilified as “racist” and “Islamophobic” by the ruling-elites and governing-classes. And the media was complicit in it’s anti-“racist”/”Islamophobic” mendacity, fanaticism, and righteousness, suppressing and ignoring and denying the truth for decades.

Finally, a few of these sadists and savages are on trial for their heinous and horrendous crimes. And just recently, Tommy Robinson was sentenced to a year in prison for protesting these atrocities outside a courthouse where some of these monsters and subhuman beasts are being tried for “grooming.”

Many others have been punished, and imprisoned, for telling the truth about Islam, opposing massive Muslim immigration, and criticizing and “harassing” Muslims, including Jayda Fransen, a Britain First deputy leader jailed after being found guilty of four counts of “religiously aggravated harassment.” writes Patrick Cloutier at vdare.com (3/23/2018):

Jayda Fransen, the Britain First leader whose videos about Muslim atrocities were retweeted by President Trump in November of last year, is in jail in the UK for “religiously aggravated harassment,” i.e., free speech, and protesting Muslim rapists. I learned that she can receive mail and letters in prison. Her address in prison:

Prison NO: A7921EDFRANSEN, HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe RD, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ, United Kingdom

The UK is no longer a free county for those who criticize and tell the truth about Islam and Muslims, including terrorists, murderers, and gang-rapists of English girls, and oppose Muslim immigration. The country that invented freedom of speech and other basic rights and liberties now arrests, prosecutes, and imprisons men and women for exercising what should be their right to freedom of speech.

In contrast, Muslims are free to hate, vilify, and demonize “infidels,” i.e. native UK citizens, to provoke violence against “infidels, to defend acts of terrorism, an epidemic of assaults with knives in London resulting in murders and serious injuries, sexual outrages against English girls, and “religiously harass” generally. I doubt if a single Muslim has been convicted of much less sentenced to prison for “religiously aggravated harassment.” Or even arrested and prosecuted?

But, surprisingly, those imprisoned for criticizing and telling the truth about Islam and Muslims have the right to receive and read mail and letters from not only friends and family but also strangers in the UK and US and many other countries. But Abigail Simon, Kathryn Ronk, and other inmates have no such right in Michigan.

So from west-central Wisconsin, I could have mailed a letter that would have been flown all the way to New York, Boston, or wherever, and then flown across the Atlantic Ocean to London, I assume, and then by road to a prison in Ashford, Middlesex, and Jayda Fransen would have received and read it as she has with who knows how many other letters of support and sympathy from people in the UK and who knows how many other countries. And so, too, with Tommy Robinson, I assume. But Abigail Simon and Kathryn Ronk were prohibited from receiving and reading articles and letters I sent them from a neighboring state.

Finally, to contrast the evil and insanity of the U.S. with that of the United KIngdom: if a few of these monsters and savages are convicted of “grooming” -i.e., abducting, enslaving, drugging, raping, gang-raping, beating, torturing, brutalizing, and terrorizing poor and working-class English girls- I’m almost certain that none of them -not even the worst of the worst and the ring-leaders- will serve as many years in prison as Abigail Simon and Mary Kay Letourneau, or even Kathryn Ronk, to say nothing of the Georgia teacher who was sentenced to 40-years in prison for having sex with a student or the Nevada woman who was sentenced to life in prison for allegedly “forcing” a teenage male to touch her breast.