JESSE WATTERS; The vicious consequences of illegal immigration -that is the subject of tonight’s Watters’ Word….Thirty-one-year-old Mexican National Sergio Jose Martinez has been on a path of destruction in Portland, Oregon, a notorious sanctuary city.

Martinez has been arrested 13 times since 2008 in Oregon alone. The rap sheet includes car theft, hit-and-run, criminal trespassing, meth possession, reckless endangerment, burglary and shoplifting. He has criminal convictions in California too, including burglary, battery, theft, and obstructing a police officer. The man is described as a transient with a daily meth habit. He has been deported -you ready?- 20 times with at least five probation violations from re-entering.

Despite a rap sheet this troubling, Martinez was still waltzing around Northeast Portland on July 24. This is where his latest crime spree began. Here are the sickening allegations: Martinez, armed with a knife, entered a woman’s home through an open window, used  scarves and socks to blindfold her, gag her and tie her up before sexually assaulting her, punching her and slamming her head into the wood floor.

Martinez then stole her car in search for a new victim. Then he waited in the dark corner of a parking garage as a woman approached. He threatened to kill her and forced her into her car at knifepoint. The woman tried to escape, but he tackled her and slammed her head into the ground. Once she screamed, Martinez ran and was caught by police, carrying a knife and stolen items from both victims.

Martinez was high on meth at the times of the attacks. He’s been charged with 13 felonies including burglary, sodomy, sexual abuse, robbery, and unlawful use of a motor vehicle. He remains in jail with bail set at more than two million dollars…

So apparently authorities in Portland, Oregon and Multnomah county have no problem protecting monsters like this. The sheriff and the Portland mayor should explain to the victim’s faces why Martinez was roaming he streets….(Watters’ World, Fox News.)

And Abigail Simon was sentenced to 8-25 years in prison and a lifetime of draconian/Orwellian persecution for allowing a biological man of 15 to penetrate her in a factually consensual love-affair and responding to his hundreds of emails and text messages -and that’s assuming she’s lying about his forcing himself on her and “controlling her life”; at least 8-years of enslavement and a life-sentence of persecution for a first-offender convicted of nonviolent and victimless and mala prohibita “crimes” that are legal acts in dozens of other nations, including European countries. And Kathryn Ronk was sentenced to 6-15 years in prison under a plea-bargain. And Mary Letourneau was enslaved for almost a decade of her life -far longer than the average time-served for murder and roughly twice as long as the average time-served for all violent felonies: aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and murder- and must register for life as a uniquely deviant and dangerous criminal.