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“Trauma” defined: “a mental condition caused by severe shock, especially when the harmful effects last for a long time.” (Oxford learners dictionaries); “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” (Oxford dictionaries); “a very difficult or unpleasant experience that causes someone to have mental or emotional problems usually for a long time”; “a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress….(Merriam-Webster)

The above, according to the “conventional wisdom,” defines the varied experiences, the emotions, the psychic states of and effects on young men under age 16 or even 18 who have sex with adult females who are at least 4-5 years older. Invariably so, according to the dogmas of CSA victimologists, irrespective of the facts and circumstances: whether the women seduced them or they were the aggressors and initiators or their liaisons could be defined as a mutual coming together, or whether they had sex dozens of times over a period of months or engaged in a single act of coitus or fellatio or “sexual contact,” and so forth.

In nearly all instances, in reality and fact as opposed to theory and fantasy, the experiences of young men under age 18 who have sex with adult women are the antithesis of traumatization.

Generally, in reality and fact as opposed to theory and fantasy, if one is traumatized by one or a few or many experience(s), one feels the trauma, immediately and profoundly, viscerally and unequivocally, and knows one is traumatized. One isn’t traumatized if one isn’t aware of being traumatized. If there is any doubt as to whether one was traumatized, then one wasn’t traumatized.

If one is traumatized, deeply and genuinely, by one or a few or many experiences, one doesn’t need to be subjected, willingly or compulsorily, to hours and days and weeks and months and years of psycho-therapy to make one realize that one was traumatized, unconsciously, by an act or acts that one experienced, consciously, as supremely pleasurable, and remembers fondly as gratifying, exciting, fulfilling, empowering.

Unless they’re insane and/or masochistic, people don’t assent to or initiate acts that they know will be traumatizing. And, even more so, they don’t continue to assent to or initiate acts which they experienced as traumatizing.

What of instances in which adult women try to seduce or initiate sex with young men under statutory age: If biological men under age 18 don’t want to have sex with adult females for whatever reasons -because they’re in love with girls their own age and don’t want to betray them; because they’re “players” and “super-studs” who’ve had sex many times before and only have sex with females who are at least an “8” and the woman who wants to have sex with them is only a “6′ or at best a “7”; because they were raised to believe that sex outside of marriage is “sinful” and immoral by fundamentalists-evangelical Christian parents; because they’re homosexual, etc.- all they have to do is say “no,” rudely or politely, brusquely or apologetically, to repel their advances and inportunities.

Once again, we see how CSA victimologists and those they’ve indoctrinated, most perniciously the ruling-elites and governing-classes,  conflate biological men under age 16 or even 18 with prepubescent girls of 10 and 11.  Just as the latter are too young and sexless and innocent to say “no” and resist the sexual aggressions of adult men and pubescent teenage males under age 18, so the former are too young and immature to say “no” and repel the advances of women who are nearly always smaller and weaker and usually far smaller and weaker than their putative “victims,” and will not resort to violence/force or overt threats of same (physical assaults and/or weapons) if rebuffed since they’re not crazy and violent and unrestrainedly salacious.

Thus, in the minds of CSA victimologists (and also MRAs, for divergent reasons and motives), they have no choice but to engage in sex-acts that will “traumatize,” “devastate,” and “scar” them for life: even if they’ve had sex before, often many times before, with underage adolescent girls, and/or outweigh the women who “rape” them by 50-100 lbs. and are 4-6 times stronger in the upper body. But they’re not too young and immature to be charged with felonies and possibly “waived” into adult court if they rape adult females and underage adolescent girls.

The reason why few biological men under statutory age will reject the advances of adult females is because they want to have sex with them, just as they want to have sex with underage adolescent girls, and know the sex with be pleasurable.

If biological men under age 18 have had sex once or a few or many times with adolescent girls under age 18, then they know that acts of coitus and fellatio with adult women, teachers or whoever, will be just as if not even more more exciting and gratifying and empowering, physically and psychologically, depending on the circumstances: e.g., the milieu in which they “make love,” the expertise of the woman in the fine arts of love-making, the attractiveness and desirability of the woman, etc.

If they’re virgins and have never had sex with a female, they’ve surely masturbated, most weekly, many daily, and experienced their orgasms as pleasurable: the tickle, the tingle, the sting, and the spit, and then deep relaxation, the joys of onanism. So even if they’re virgins, they know that that sliding or jamming their penises into the vagina of an adult women and ejaculating inside her will be even more gratifying, physically and psychologically, than self-pleasuring by hand in a bedroom or bathroom or wherever in onanistic solitude,  vitiated by anxiety if their parents are home and nearby or if in a public restroom. Or so, too, with her warm, wet lips and tongue fellating him to orgasmic ecstasy.

Ironically, the hysterical and dogmatic fantasy and insistence of the modern anti-sex feminist left that young men under age 16 or even 18 who eagerly assent to or initiate sex with adult women at least 4-5 years older will be “traumatized” and “scarred for life”  is comparable to the hysterical and dogmatic fantasy and insistence of anti-sex Christian puritans that young men who masturbated would “go insane” before they were sentenced to hell for eternity.