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From the Guardian:

As violence rises, an increasing number of shootings and murders are going unsolved. Through 28 August, the police department had only made arrests in 73 of the nearly 2,000 non-fatal shooting incidents so far this year -or just under 4%, according to a department spokesman.

The clearance rate for murders is not much better…Police have only made arrests in about 16% of fatal shootings through 28  August this year…Through June, the clearance rate for all murders was 22.2%…(Lois Beckett and Justin Glawe, “Gun Violence, unsolved murders put Chicago on course to set grim record,” 9-4-2016.)

And I’m sure that over 90% of these murders and shootings were committed by violent recidivists who should have been in prison rather than free to commit well over 2,000 shootings, fatal and non-fatal, and other violent and mala in se crimes. And what percentage have histories of crime and violence beginning at ages 14 or 13 or even 12, whatever the age of puberty and biological manhood, and have committed dozens and scores of violent and predatory crimes, from murder and rape to burglary and vandalism, and should have been buried in prison years ago, at least until the age of 30 or 40 or 50, depending on the nature of their crimes and recidivism and number of felony convictions. Illinois abolished the death penalty in 2011.

And of the 16% arrested for murder and the less than 4% arrested for non-fatal shootings, what percentage will be prosecuted? And of those prosecuted, what percentage will be convicted? And of those convicted, virtually all in plea-bargains, what percentage will be incarcerated? And of those incarcerated, what percentage will be sentenced to decades or years in prison rather than months in jail?

And the failure or refusal to arrest, prosecute, convict, and imprison over 95% of those who committed all these murders and shootings will result in myriads of other violent and mala in se crimes, including aggravated assaults, muggings, armed robberies, burglaries, acts of vandalism, home invasions, abductions, rapes, gang-rapes, and murders committed against men and women who aren’t criminals and are thus innocent victims.

And what percentage are these brutes and savages are young men ages 13-17 who are absurdly defined as “children” and even “little boys.” But if a woman teacher engages in coitus and/or fellatio or even a single act of ‘sexual contact” with one of these violent predators, she’ll be arrested (I’m certain the arrest rate is over 90% for such intrigues), and prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to months in jail or years (perhaps even decades) in prison and a lifetime or at least 20-30 years of draconian/Orwellian persecution.

Yes,”anarcho-tyranny” in Illinois. Once again: to call all of this insane is an understatement. It’s beyond insanity.