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To understand the enslavement and persecution of Abigail Simon, Kathryn Ronk, Melissa Bittner, Cassandra Sorenson-Grohall, Mary Letourneau, and myriads of other victims, male and female, of the jihad against “child sexual abuse,” I suggest you read Dorothy Rabinowitz’s “No Crueler Tyrannies,” a devastating critique of the “ritual sex abuse hoax,” the “mass-molestation” day-care and interfamilial “sex-ring” cases, and Philip Jenkins’ “Moral Panic,” especially those sections that discuss the mass-psychosis and hysteria and “moral panic” and witch-hunt that began in the 1970’s with the feminist crusade against an “epidemic” of “date/acquaintance” rape, and then in the 80’s and 90’s with the cases above in which hundreds of men and women were sentenced to prison for acts of child sexual abuse they not only didn’t commit but which never even happened.

And, despite an end to much or most of the lunacy above, the witch-hunt prevails to this day and shows no signs of abating in the near future if ever in my lifetime, but now with an emphasis on what was once defined and codified as “statutory rape,” i.e. consensual sex between adults and young men and women under statutory age, most sensationally and punitively the media obsession with and legal crucifixion of women teachers who transport biological men under age 18 to sexual paradise. Roughly half of the people on the sex-offender registry, now almost a million and growing steadily, were convicted of engaging in consensual sex-acts with pubescent teenagers under age 16 or even 17 and 18. Of which much more later.