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If adult men in their 20’s and 30’s and 40’s and beyond -including, apparently, violent and recidivist criminals who’ve never been convicted of a sexual offense- are free to have sex with hundreds of 16- and 17-year-old females and/or males, then how can can male and female teachers who have sex with 16- and 17-year-old students be charged with “third-degree criminal sexual conduct,” a life-shattering felony with a maximum sentence of 6-15 years in prison, and sentenced to months in jail, if lucky, or years in prison and all the other draconian/Orwellian punishments, including registration for life or at least 20-30 years and all that that entails in respect to privacy and freedom and hate-mail and death-threats, by mail or in person, hostility and ostracism, and possibly even violence or vandalism.

To those of us who are sane and just and rational, if it’s legal for adults to have sex with young men and women of 16 and 17 if not in positions of authority over them, then teachers who have sex with students of 16 and 17 should be simply punished, non-criminally, by dismissal and the revocation of their licenses and expulsion from the profession.

Apparently, in the view of those who wrote and enacted these laws with such exceptions and distinctions in states like Michigan in which the generic age of consent is 16, females of 16 and 17 are old and mature enough to consent to sex with males 5 or 10 or 20 years older and are not “traumatized” and “scarred for life” by acts of coitus and fellatio or whatever -even with criminals, apparently, who’ve never been convicted of a sexual offense and are inclined to be abusive in noncriminal ways- but male students of 16 and 17 who have sex with female teachers are not old and mature enough to consent simply because the woman is in a position of authority over them -even if her authority is not misused in any sense to coerce or manipulate her “victim” into engaging in “unwanted sex against his will,” and even if he was the aggressor and initiator and she acquiesced out of fear and even if he harassed and molested and raped her before she acquiesced- and thus he is harmed, profoundly and permanently, and she must be punished, severely and for the rest of her life or at least for 20-30 years.