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“Battery,” “emotional distress,” “anxiety,” “psychological pain and suffering,” “freight and shock and embarrassment, humiliation, and mortification (talk about redundancy!),” “trauma,” ad nauseam.

If any of this is true rather than contrived and imagined and grossly exaggerated, and probably or clearly a result of this affair as a whole (the intrigue, her arrest, incarceration, prosecution, the pre-trial hearings, trial, conviction, sentencing, her current enslavement, appeal, re-sentencing, his lawsuit, etc.) rather than the stresses of life in general and being a college student and football player, it’s not a result of his liaison with Abigail as a young man of 15 but rather a corollary of the law, the criminal justice system and its gendarmes and functionaries, and the media:

* the arrest and jailing of the woman he loved and who gave him the sex he craved and enjoyed more than her and may have initiated even if she’s lying about his forcing himself on her; the destruction of their love affair and separation from the woman he loved and who loved him, if she’s lying, and whom she transported, willingly, to carnal elysium if the liaison was fully or largely consensual;

* her prosecution, the pre-trial hearings in which he first testified that he forced himself on Abigail and then claimed the sex was factually consensual, apparently threatened with charges of rape if he didn’t change his story so Abigail could be charged with 4-counts of first-degree CSC rather than simply “accosting a minor for immoral purposes;” the trial and hours of testimony under cross-examination; her conviction and incarceration;

* the sentencing in which she was shackled, gratuitously for no exigent and practical reason for over 2-hours, in handcuffs attacked to a waist-chain and leg-irons, so debilitated by fear and despair and anguish and lack of sleep that she could barely walk or even stand and almost collapsed twice; often sobbing, before the judge sentenced her to 8-25 years in prison and a lifetime of draconian/Orwellian persecution; her enslavement, the appeal (denied by the trial judge and then an appellate court), her imminent or ultimate  re-sentencing;

* and iatrogenic therapy whose purpose is to convince him that the sex he craved and enjoyed, the sex he experienced, consciously, as thrilling and gratifying and empowering, was traumatizing subconsciously; to brainwash him into realizing that he was/is a “victim” of Abigail who is “scarred for life” even if he wasn’t cognizant of his “trauma” and of being a “victim” of “sexual assault,” and that the woman he “thought” he loved and who gave him the sex he “thought” he craved and enjoyed was a “rapist” and “pedophile” and “child molester.”

Yes, if not for the law, criminal justice system, and media coverage, local, state, national, and even international, nobody would have been hurt, profoundly and permanently, if at all, by this intrigue -not only Abigail, by far most hellishly, and her “loved ones,” family and friends, whose anguish is excruciating, but also the “victim,” assuming she’s lying and that he was her lover and not her victimizer, and his family. Yes, he should file a lawsuit against the media and the State of Michigan.