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What of the re-sentencing, ordered long ago after Michigan’s Supreme Court ruled that mandatory-minimum sentences are “unconstitutional”? Internet searches disclose nothing specific, or even current. She’s now been enslaved for over 21 months, first in jail and then in prison. Will she be enslaved for another 3-6 months before she finds out how many more years she’ll be enslaved and abused and degraded and tormented. And at her re-sentencing, she’ll be in handcuffs attached to a waist-chain and leg-irons, probably for over 2-hours as she was at her initial sentencing, when there’s no exigent and practical reason she must be shackled in this fashion or any fashion to protect anyone or to prevent her from escaping, unlike violent male criminals who, if not so restrained, could assault the prosecutor, judge, a jail-guard, etc., possibly even killing them with a single punch (or breaking jaws, noses, eye-sockets, knocking out teeth), or run out of the courtroom and onto the streets to commit more crimes and who knows what else before they’re apprehended in hours or days or weeks or months -if ever.

And what of the lawsuit, filed long ago, which alleges that her “victim” is so traumatized by having had sex with Abigail in spring of 2013 that he can’t study, attend classes, play football, work, etc., and was forced to “drop out” of college and can never return to earn a degree -even though he wasn’t cognizant of being “traumatized,” “devastated,” and “scarred for life” when having sex with Abigail and sending her texts and emails and was under the illusion that he was doing so as a free agent, willingly and knowingly, and that the sex was thrilling and gratifying and empowering, as was the sex-talk, the emails and texts, because that’s how he “thought” he experienced her “crimes” due to “male socialization,” the artificial “social construct” of “manliness”/”masculinity,” and its resultant “false consciousness,” blissfully unaware that his life was being shattered, profoundly and permanently, radically and irremediably.

The Kafkaesque/Orwellian fantasy world of CSA victimology, ludicrous but malevolent. Only CSA victimology and hours and hours of iatrogenic therapy would induce and compel him to realize his traumatization. Only iatrogenic psycho-therapy can mollify but never cure the trauma of which he was unaware until he was subjected to iatrogenic psycho-therapy and CSA victimology propaganda/indoctrination.