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According to CSA victimologists, biological men under age 18 who have sex (including “sexual contact,” e.g., Melissa and her “victim”) with adult women at least 4-5 years older are “traumatized,” devastated, and “scarred for life.” And the harm is more intense, the “trauma” and “scars” wider and deeper and more crippling and disfiguring, if the woman is a teacher. Theoretically, irrespective of the facts and circumstances, the disparity in age between adult and “child” that “scars” the “victim” is rendered more traumatic and devastating by her power and authority, even though, in reality as opposed to theory, Melissa’s “victim” had all the power.

And thus everything bad that happens to them from then on is blamed on their sexual victimization as “children” and “little boys”: a history and record of violence and criminality, especially acts of rape and sexual assault, alcoholism, drug-addiction, “sex-addiction,” divorce, failed relationships, impotence, depression, mental illness, suicide, attempted suicide, thoughts of suicide, etc., all misfortunes and maladies that afflict only persons who were raped and/or otherwise sexually-assaulted, especially as children, including young men under age 18 who were “raped” and “molested” by adult females, especially teachers.

Of males who suffer from the maladies and misfortunes above, what percentage had sex with adult women as young men under age 18 and what percentage did not have sex with adult females? The answer to this question -99%(?) who did not and 1%(?) who did have sex with adult women- overwhelmingly refutes the dogmas and theories and fantasies of CSA victimologists. And even if men who did have sex with adult women as young men under age 18 suffer or did suffer from any of these and other maladies and misfortunes, there’s absolutely no reason to assume that all or any of this is or was an effect of having sex with an adult female months or years or even decades ago, surely not in most instances, and surely not the only or primary cause. But facts, no matter how simple and obvious and irrefutable, don’t matter to CSA victimologists.

And thus I’m certain that his lawyers and various “experts” hired by the defense attributed the murder and its causative motives and mental states to his sexual victimization by Melissa. Perhaps this resulted in an indulgent sentence, so he’s now free to rape and/or murder again. And if free, he can go online and visit the sex-offender registries of Ohio and Wisconsin which disclose Melissa’s address and possibly visit her some warm summer night -not merely to “hump” her and force her to touch his penis but also to rape and murder her?