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Unsurprisingly, my characterization of Melissa’s “victim” -the 16-year-old biological man and criminal who sexually assaulted her- as violent was prescient. Almost surely, he committed acts of violence and other crimes before preying on and assaulting Melissa. In July of 2007, a young woman emailed the website moraloutrage.net., for which I was a leading contributor. She wanted to contact me and tell me about her case. The email was forwarded to me with a story like that of Melissa’s. It also included this news about Melissa’s “victim”: “I actually talked to Melissa Bittner the other day. I found her number and called her. Did you know that her ‘victim’ has since been charged with murder? Do you know what his defense is? The now-corpse tried to sexually assault him. Unbelievable.”

Since Melissa refused to talk to this woman again -she didn’t answer her calls or call her when she saw her messages- I don’t know if his victim was male or female. And if convicted, the length and nature of his sentence. Nor any other details.

I assume the victim was female, far more likely than not. And if so, did he also rape or try to rape her? If he had been prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned for sexually assaulting Melissa, and who knows how many other victims, students and teachers, the victim he murdered, if female, would surely be alive today. CSA victimology and its hysteria and delusions have many aleatoric and unforeseen consequences -unforeseen to those blinded and brainwashed by CSA victimology.

If Melissa had forcefully resisted his assaults -e.g., scratching his face, trying to knee him in the groin, etc.- he might have beat her savagely, or possibly even killed her.

(If, however, the person he killed was male and the act occurred in jail or prison, then he might be telling the truth about his victim trying to rape or sexually assault him.)