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Bob Pell rages:

FREE? Should get the full 25 years!

He’s omniscient, of course, just like all other hateful commenters, male and female, and is 100% certain she’s lying about everything. Yes, she deserves to be enslaved in a zoo like an animal for at least 25-years because she was convicted of falling in love with a biological man of 15 who loved her and whom she transported to sexual paradise in a country in which, during the 1990s, the decade when the U.S. started to “get tough on crime,” the average-time served for murder (including non-negligent manslaughter) was less than 6-years and the average time-served for all violent crimes (aggravated assault, violent/forcible rape, robbery, homicide) was approximately 4-years.

And one can assume that 90-95% of the males who were sentenced for these crimes were recidivists, most with histories of crime and violence beginning at age 13 or 14 or 15 who should have been buried in prison long before they committed their latest violent felonies. And it’s likely that such averages are even lower and more lenient today after nearly 8-years of rule by Obama and his criminal justice reforms. And since males commit 100% of rapes, 99% (?) of violent sexual assaults, and roughly 90% of nonsexual violent felonies, they’re overwhelmingly the beneficiaries of this systematic leniency.

But through “cherry-picking,” the logical fallacy of confirmation bias, MRAs contend that men are systemically crucified and women are systemically coddled by the criminal justice systems of all states and the federal government. Thus, surely, if Abigail Simon had a penis, she would have been sentenced to the maximum of 25-years to life and would serve at least a quarter of a century in prison just like all male teachers and other men convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in Michigan. To this lunatic misogynist, as for all MRAs, she’s obviously a beneficiary of the putative “double standards” and preferential treatment for women, the “pussy pass,” absurdly decried and derided as “chivalry, that the soi-disant “men’s movement” or “men’s rights movement,” essentially the mirror-image of feminism and the “women’s movement,” denounces tirelessly, virulently, hysterically, psychotically,  highlighting cases which conform to their fantasies of ubiquitous “misandry” and anti-male “sexism” and discrimination, and denying and ignoring those which undermine and contravene this narrative of pervasive male victimization.

As feminism is the ideology of female victimization, so “masculism” is the ideology of male victimization. And biological men under age 18 who crave and enjoy sex with adult women, especially teachers, are symbols of male victimization, proof that women can “rape” men and boys, without having penises, in liaisons in which their victims eagerly consent to or initiate their phantasmal and theoretical victimization.