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A juror writes:

She was given several far less severe plea bargains, some of which did not even include time in prison. She denied these. Some of her texts to this boy said things along the lines of “We will name our child after her,” referring to the teen’s recently deceased sister. This woman was guilty and she had an easy way out and did not take it.

Yes, an “easy way out,” a “slap on the wrist,” a short vacation in a “country-club” jail, and then she’d be free, “free as a bird,” free to live a normal life. Such is the view of most people, ignorant and callous and obdurate, who’ve never served a week or even a day or hour in jail and know little or nothing about sex-crime laws and punishments.Yes, in hindsight, she should have accepted the final plea-bargain, but it was far from being “an easy way out” or “slap on the wrist” but rather “the lesser of two evils” and nightmares.

To repeat: the media-coverage of this case was/is simply dreadful, tendentious and hysterical as an agent of CSA victimology, combined with a dearth of facts, concrete and specific and thorough. They don’t even tell us what crime she was supposed to plead guilty to and whether it was a felony or misdemeanor.Or if crimes, whether they were felonies or misdemeanors, or both. Exactly what did this plea-bargain, the final one she rejected, entail? (And what of all the others?) They don’t even specify whether she’d have been released after 5-months, unconditionally, irrespective of her conduct, or whether the deal included a sentence of “only” a year in jail with the possibility of release after “only” 5-months for “good behavior.”

An “easy way out”: at least 5-months and possibly a year in a hellish and hellishly overcrowded jail; mandatory “sex-offender treatment,” punitive and debasing, both in jail and for who knows how many years after her release; who knows how many years of quasi-totalitarian post-incarceration supervision, restrictions on her freedoms and intrusions into her private life that don’t apply to violent and/or recidivist criminals who’ve never been convicted of a sexual offense; electronic parole monitoring with an ankle-tether/”bracelet”(?), and registration for life (or at least 20-30 years) as a uniquely execrable and dangerous criminal: her name, mug-shot, and address on the internet, in Michigan’s and national sex-offender registries, so myriads of people who hate her and were enraged by her lenient sentence, her “slap on the wrist,” could harass and vilify her with a torrent of hate-mail and death-threats, and vigilantes could revile and harass her in person and, possibly, vandalize her property and/or even assault or murder her. All it takes is one lunatic, of which there are legions, to blight and destroy a life in ways that go beyond how the lives of SO are blighted and destroyed by government persecution. I suggest one visit the RSOL website and spend at least a few hours reading some of the articles and many of the comments as to what its like to be on the sex-offender registry.

So the plea-bargain she abjured with it’s “slap on the wrist” and “easy way out” was almost surely a life-sentence of draconian/Orwellian persecution, persecution not only by government, wholly gratuitous in respect to Abigail and myriads of other men and women, but also by haters, perverted and inflamed by the media and its lies and canards and histrionics and sensationalism, and/or MRAs, and possibly even obsessed with revenge for the “victims” and intent on exacting “vigilante justice.”