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Writes David T. Courtwright:

Testosterone is why boys are born boys, and why they become men. In the absence of testosterone the fetus will develop into a female, nature’s “default” body plan…At the onset of puberty the testes flood the body with testosterone, raising blood levels to as much as twenty times those of women and prepubertal boys. This surge in testosterone in young men has anabolic effects, including increased muscle mass and bone density, as well as androgenic effects, including hairier bodies, deeper voices, and what is of concern here, increased libido, impulsiveness, and aggressiveness….We know that testosterone is causally related to these changes because its presence or absence is easily manipulated. Castrated human males, even castrated criminals, lose interest in sex and fighting. (Violent Land. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1996, pp. 18-19.)

Note that by “men,” Courtwright means not only those age 18 and over but all pubescent males, transformed into men, profoundly and dramatically, by testosterone. And in regard to aggression, violence,  and criminality, sexual and non-sexual, his focus is on young men, particularly single males, in their teens and twenties. Males become men at puberty, not when they turn 18, which means nothing biologically. Manhood is biological, not an arbitrary legal distinction.

But under the laws of Michigan, the 6’3″, 220 lb. biological man of 15 and volcano of testosterone she transported to sexual paradise and whom she claims forced himself on her is defined as a “child” and “victim,” essentially the same in respect to sexual maturity and volition as prepubertal girls of 10 and 11 who are raped and/or molested by adult men.