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First, he gets to have sex with an adult woman, attractive and desirable (most who don’t hate her would even say pretty, including me) if not ravishing and beautiful like Debra Lafave and Pamela Rogers and Mary Letourneau, acts of coitus and fellatio(?) that he enjoyed far more than she did if their intrigue was factually as opposed to legally consensual. And if he forced himself on her, his experience was still pleasurable, perhaps even more so, while her’s was that of pain and fright, perhaps even terror, and debasement.

And even if she’s lying about his raping and terrorizing her, it’s just as likely as not if not more likely that she’s telling the truth about his being the aggressor. And now he wants to get paid for his pleasure, compensated for sex that he enjoyed, obviously far more than she did, whatever occurred exactly, and probably initiated.

And if she’s telling the truth about his raping her and controlling her life by threats and intimidation, explicit and implicit, then he’s suing as a “victim” of the woman he victimized.