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Paradoxically, these women must be defined and vilified as “rapists” precisely because they are not rapists in any sense and because women can’t rape anyone in the pure and literal sense of the word, and because none of them used violence/force or threats of same -weapons such as guns or knives or their superior size and strength- to compel the submission of “victims” who were often if not usually the aggressors and initiators and invariably willing participants. And because women acting alone, without male accomplices, or under the duress of violent males, commit far less than 1% of violent sexual assaults, the overwhelming majority of which are rapes and gang rapes committed by males in their teens and 20’s, including biological men under age 16 or even 18 who are absurdly defined as “children” and even “little boys” who are incapable of consenting to or willingly and knowingly initiating sex with adult females.who are 4-5 years older. This according to CSA victimologists and, consequently, the laws of all 50 states. But, incongruously, they’re old and mature enough to willingly and knowingly rape and molest adult women and underage adolescent girls, and possibly to be “waived” into adult court and punished accordingly, if they and/or their crimes are especially sadistic, brutal, vicious, depraved.