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The sexes are innately different -not only physically, transparently and incontrovertibly, but also psychologically. And in respect to coitus between adults and young men and women under statutory age, adult females allowing biological men under age 16 or 18 to penetrate them in  de facto consensual relationships in which the “victims” are often if not usually the aggressors and initiators is crucially and profoundly different, physically and psychologically, from adult men penetrating and often impregnating underage adolescent girls.

But given the zeitgeist, emphasizing the obvious and stating the facts and telling the truth about this matter is now verboten and sacrilegious. And to demonize and vilify adult women who have sex with young men under age 16 or even 18 as “rapists” and “pedophiles” and “child molesters,” one must not only believe or affect to believe than men and women (including adolescents under statutory age who are absurdly defined as “children”) are exactly the same apart from the inescapable differences in anatomy; that “gender” (i.e., “masculine”/”feminine”) as opposed to sex (male/female) is an “artificial social construct”; that “gender” inequalities,  differences in qualities and behaviors* which have always been and are still defined as “manly”/”masculine” and “womanly”/”feminine” and thought of and recognized as distinctly male or female, statistically rather than absolutely, collectively rather than individually, are not in any sense or to any degree a corollary of purely sexual differentiation, i.e, the brain and body rather than society and culture and politics and history.

One must also ignore or deny or trivialize the importance of purely anatomical differences between the sexes: not only sex organs, penises and vaginas, and the resultant acts and sensations and consequences, e.g., penetration and impregnation, but also size, strength, muscularity, aggressiveness, a propensity for violence and criminality, etc. And in liaisons and trysts between adult women and young men under statutory age, the de jure “victim” is nearly always bigger and stronger or much bigger and stronger than the woman who “rapes” and/or “molests” him and is often if not usually the aggressor and initiator of his theoretical victimization.

And one must also conflate pubescent teenagers under age 16 or even 18 with prepubescent children, thus viewing biological men under age 16 or even 18 as essentially the same as prepubertal girls of 11 and 12 in respect to adult/child sex and its pernicious and “traumatizing” consequences..

So for untold millions if not tens of millions of people in the United States and worldwide, Abigail Simon is a “rapist” and “pedophile” for allowing a 6’3″ 220 lb. biological man of 15 to penetrate her in a factually consensual relationship, assuming she’s lying, who deserved to be sentenced to 8-25 years in prison and a lifetime of draconian/Orwellian persecution. Or, at the least, comparable to a rapist and child molester, an “ephebophile”/”hebephile” and “statutory rapist” who deserves a sentence of 4-8 years in prison, mandatory “sex-offender treatment,” quasi-totalitarian post-prison “supervision,” and registration for life as a deviant and dangerous criminal.

And that’s assuming she’s lying about his forcing himself on her and “controlling her life” by threats of violence and intimidation, explicit and implicit.

  • Universal disparities, statistical and generic, in aggression, violence, criminality, salaciousness, promiscuity, fetishism, perversity, psychopathy, mathematical intelligence, etc.: e.g., many individual women are more violent than many individual men, but males as a group as far more violent than females.