As Rind et al. noted, in defining “what is abuse ” and “who is a child,” according to CSA victimolgists, “CSA came to include any kind of sexual encounter between a minor under eighteen and someone five or more years older,” including “episodes of mature adolescents willingly participating in sex with older teens or adults.” So a 6’3″, 220 lb. biological man and football star was a “child” who was and is and always will be a “victim” of CSA for willingly participating in sex with Abigail Simon. And that’s assuming she’s lying and that he didn’t rape and terrorize her.

And CSA victimologists “maintained that all these encounters were traumatizing, using dramatic analogies such as slavery, head-on car crashes, being mauled by a dog, and torture to convey their belief about CSA’s nature.” So Abigail’s “victim,” assuming she’s lying, was not only traumatized, “scarred for life” by having sex with an adult female, but his traumatization and suffering were analagous or at least comparable to “slavery, head-on car crashes, being mauled by a dog, and torture,” and other travails and ordeals that are profoundly and genuinely traumatizing, such as war, terrorism, degradation and abuse and torture in jails and prisons and concentration camps, home invasions, abductions, false imprisonment, armed robberies, aggravated assaults, violent rapes and gang-rapes, sadistic, brutal, vicious, depraved.

Ironically, if anyone was and is a victim, a real victim, in this affair, if anyone was and is traumatized, in reality as opposed to the fantasies of CSA victimologists, it was and is Abigail. A victim of her “victim” if she’s telling the truth, wholly or largely, and by incarceration, first in jail and then in prison, even if she’s lying. And also by her arrest, prosecution, trial, sentencing, and a lifetime of draconian/Orwellian persecution, whether or not her story is truthful.

Unlike her “victim,” she’ll be traumatized,” devastated, and “scarred for life.”