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Cassandra Sorenson-Grohall: a life-sentence with no chance for surcease because of “overcaring and naivete” and bad judgement and misguided compassion for a biological man and criminal who harassed and molested and ultimately raped her. But even to condemn and rebuke her for bad judgement, both in not reporting the crime and then assenting to sex with the criminal who forced himself on her, is excessively harsh and “judgemental,” given the madness of a system ruled by fanatical CSA victimologists, inquisitorial quasi-religious dogmatists, and those they’ve converted or browbeat into silence and nonresistance: SVU detectives, prosecutors, judges, politicians, journalists, etc.

Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that she reported the crime to police. If so, her tormentor and assailant would have claimed that she was the initiator or a willing participant. And if they and the D.A. believed him, a “child,” rather than her, the adult -in such cases, usually I would presume, the imperative to “believe the child” overrides the imperative to “believe the woman”- she would have been charged with “sexual assault” for initiating or consenting to a single act of intercourse with a “child.” And if she plead “not guilty” and went to trial to tell her story to a “jury of her peers,” like Abigail Simon, she probably would have been convicted, like Abigail, and sentenced to more or far more time in prison than she received under a plea bargain. And, of course, all the other draconian and iniquitous and Orwellian penalties..