In felonious liaisons in which the “victims” are the aggressors and initiators of their phantasmal “victimization, ” the “victimizers” consented to sex with their “victims” or, in some instances, acquiesced out of fear. The “victims” did not assent to sex with their “victimizers.” So in these intrigues, what CSA victimologists actually mean is not that biological men under age 16 or even 18 are too young and immature to consent to sex with adult females, willingly and knowingly. What they mean is that they’re too young and immature to willingly and knowingly crave and initiate sex with adult females.

Empirically as opposed to theoretically, the objective fact of young men under age 16 or 18 assenting to or initiating sex with adult women or adolescent girls of similar age proves that they know what they’re doing and why even if they’re oblivious and indifferent to possible negative consequences -which is also true of adults if to a lesser degree. Pubescent teenage males under statutory age willingly and knowingly assent to and initiate sex with adult females and teenage girls under statutory age for the same reasons they willingly and knowingly rape and sexually assault myriads of adult females and adolescent girls each years in the United States alone and untold millions on all 6 continents: because the sex is thrilling, gratifying, empowering. And with most rapists, because they’re violent, and brutal, sadistic, vicious, depraved, just like “adult” men age 18 and older.

Clearly, if they’re old and mature enough to form the mens rea and criminal intent to commit rapes and other violent/mala in se  felonies -and even to be “waived” into adult court in many cases given the nature of their crimes and criminal records- than they’re old and mature enough to consent to and initiate sex with adult females.If they know what they’re doing, legally and morally, when they rape adult women and underage adolescent girls, then they know what they’re doing when they consent to and initiate sex with adult females. Fundamentally, it’s that simple.

Incongruosly, under the law,  they’re charged with felonies when they rape adult females -and possibly even “waived” into adult court if they have histories of violence beginning at age 12 or 13 or 14 and 5 or 10 or 20 prior felony  convictions, and/or if the rapes are distinctly brutal, sadistic, vicious, depraved. But when they have sex with adult females, they’re viewed as not even partly culpable, even if they’re the aggressors, the predators, the initiators. And even if they confess to sexually harassing, molesting, and raping the woman, as in the Cassandra Sorenson-Grohall case.