The United States is sui generis in its lunacy and hysteria and fanaticism in punishing adults who have love affairs and dalliances with biological men and women under statutory age: under age 16 in those states in which the generic age of consent is 16; under age 17 in those states in which the generic age of consent is 17; under age 18 in those states in which the generic age of consent is 18 and in all states in which the adult is in a position of authority even if the “victim” was the aggressor and initiator and the authority was not misused to coerce or manipulate the “victim” into submitting to “unwanted sex.”

In Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations whose systems of “justice” are based on “Sharia Law,” a woman like Abigail  would be stoned to death or beheaded: not because she had sex a 15-year-old biological man -after all, the youngest of the prophets many wives was six when they “married” and nine when their sacred union was consummated- but because she had sex outside of marriage. And perhaps her partner, despite his age, would also be dispatched.

In few if any other nations, excluding medieval Islamic countries, would Abigail Simon and myriads of other men and women guilty of the same “crimes” have received a sentence and punishment, in its totality, even remotely as draconian. In few if any other nations, including Muslim countries, would she have received a prison sentence of 8-25 years. And in no other country, including other “anglosphere” and European nations in which feminists are powerful and influential, would she have received  a sentence and punishment, as a whole, even remotely as Orwellian/Kafkaesque: years of “sex-offender treatment by charlatans and inquisitors who don’t know the difference between males and females and biological children and pubescent teenagers under age 16 or even 18; years of quasi-totalitarian post-imprisonment supervision, lifetime public sex offender registration, lifetime electronic parole monitoring, possibly even “civil commitment.”

As noted previously, the “unspeakable” and monstrous crimes for which she was sentenced to 8-25 years in prison and a lifetime of Orwellian persecution are legal acts in scores of other nations, including European countries.