Apparently, in infantilizing this 6’3″, 220 lb. biological man, pouring it on hot and thick and greasy, Emily Brinkmann (the prosecutor whose duty and passion(?) was to destroy Abigail Simon’s life) claimed he was a virgin, pure and innocent, whom Abigail was intent on deflowering, and whom she seduced, a perverse fantasy realized, introducing him to a “shocking world of rough sex” (whatever that means exactly), according to one article. The article doesn’t elaborate. It doesn’t explain, nor does the MSM. No facts other than vague generalities, no precise details, no distinctness or specificity much less thoroughness.

They don’t even tells us who was the dominant, and who the submissive, actor in many of the texts and emails, I assume, and also during the four times they allegedly engaged in coitus and whatever? I presume Abigail was the submissive and her “victim” the dominant partner. “Rough sex” could mean anything from a woman liking to be impaled and jack-hammered, roughly (how could it be otherwise), during male-on-top intercourse, to consensual acts of simulated rape, to B&D and S&M at its most extreme and aberrant and precarious.

Unless there are things I don’t know and will never know, isn’t it far more likely that the “child” and “victim” discovered and was aroused by “rough sex,” whatever that means exactly, while viewing pornography on the internet or even going to the movies and watching TV and that she was indulging his fantasies and satiating his desires, onanistically (he not her) from a distance rather than physically at her apartment?

Also, if he was “into rough sex” in which he was dominant and even abusive during and/or before intercourse, this would explain why she was afraid of him and also corroborate her testimony that the purpose of responding to his hundreds of emails and text messages was to keep him away from her.

And who’s more likely to be “into rough sex,” whatever that means exactly? A woman like Abigail Simon -highly intelligent, highly sensitive, fragile (physically and emotionally), perhaps mildly neurotic(?), who claims she was terrorized, threatened with violence by an ex-lover while living in Chicago- or a 6’3″, 220 lb. biological man and volcano of testosterone with an 8-10 inch penis who’s a star at one of the roughest and most violent of all sports?